I help childhood trauma survivors overcome anxiety, pain and shame

by building a relationship with God and learning new life skills.

Discover the Connection to Your True Self with God-Centered Healing

know God - know you

Do you struggle with low self-esteem and self confidence because of anxiety, fear and shame?

Do you have a desire to include a relationship with God in your healing journey but don’t know how?

Or, have you heard others talking about how God led them through a journey of healing but you don’t have a connection with Him?

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With The Bridge to Breakthroughs six-month coaching program you will begin to know and experience God as your personal, relatable, playful, unconditional loving Father. Additionally, you will learn to see yourself with compassion and know yourself as His child who is loved unconditionally. These coaching sessions will significantly assist you in healing from abuse and help greatly reduce the amount of shame, anxiety and fear you are feeling in your life.

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Today I am free from debilitating fear, anxiety and shame and feel free in my body mind and spirit!

Bridge to Breakthroughs is for you if...

You want to move from surviving to thriving, but don’t know how.

You are tired of seeking help without experiencing the breakthroughs that you desire and deserve.

You feel stuck in your life and you know its related to a difficult childhood.

You are longing for the better life that you know deep down is waiting for you.

You feel like no one understands you.


I’m just crazy (no you’re not), you’re deeply wounded!

Experiencing breakthroughs from anxiety, shame and pain takes years.


Healing from anxiety, pain and shame happens in one big breakthrough.

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I’m also a survivor of years of sexual childhood abuse. I’ve experienced the negative impacts from this in my life - from drug addiction, suicide attempts and repeated abusive relationship patterns to feeling like I was losing my mind. 


I’ve dealt with psych ward stays and multiple physical issues including dissociative seizures and I’ve conquered all of this. For the past 19 years, I’ve overcome the negative impacts of sexual abuse by using brain based strategies, trauma informed therapy and most profoundly through nurturing my relationship with God (which helped me discover who I truly am). Now I am thriving! I am proud of myself and I can look in the mirror with love and compassion knowing who I truly am. I have a fulfilling, healthy, and fun marriage and a healthy, happy relationships with others - I‘m doing what I love, living my purpose with joy,

and you can too!


the time is now!

It's time to break free and live the life you were supposed to live!