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3 Week Mini-Series

Series begins December 5, 2022

empathy. encouragement. empowerment.

Following Gina strategies for Empathy, Encouragement, and Empowerment on The Bridge to Breakthroughs, you will create a proven blueprint that no one else is talking about for significantly decreasing anxiety and shame.


This isn't just another boring #toomuchinformation course - it's a Why, What, Who, When, Where and How course to streamline your healing and give you a safe, sacred space to apply the tools you need to feel free, calm, confident and hopeful.

why you struggle with anxiety, shame and pain

what you need to break free from that

who who can provide you with what you need 100% of the time and who you truly are


where you need to make some changes

when you can make the changes happen and

how to experience the freedom you long for together with God. 


After completing this three week mini-series...


  • You will leave with safe, life-time connections with others who get it.


  • You will feel hopeful, seen and loved.

  • You will experience a huge shift in the way you see yourself.

  • You will have a significant decrease in your anxiety, shame and pain.

  • You will have a tool box of How To's to help you maintain your freedom from your past.

Series begins December 5, 2022


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This is for you if...

  • You are looking to expereince quick relief from your low self-esteem, anxiety and fear.

  • You want to include God in your healing from childhood trauma but are not sure how.

  • You long to connect with someone who truly understands you without having to defend or explain yourself.

  • You're not sure a full coaching program is for you but you're curious to test it out.

Series begins December 5, 2022

I know you’re thinking some of these very things right now.  I know this because I have had the very same thoughts and felt hindered by them, but let me reassure you - even as you read this…my hope, intent, and action plan for this course is we combat the limiting beliefs and stand in victory over the false ideas keeping you from breakthroughs. Let's combat them together with God!

Limiting Beliefs

  • I've tried everything - nothing works for me.

  • I will have to retell my trauma history to heal.

  • If I try to heal, I will discover that I am really just a loser.

  • I can't handle difficult emotions required to heal.

  • I can do it alone.

  • I can listen to a podcast or read a book and get better.

  • God doesn't really care.

  • Nobody really understands.

  • I don't have enough time.

  • Things aren't really that bad for me.

  • I'll work on this later.

  • Healing takes too long.

  • Healing is too risky - I might fall apart.

  • God cannot heal my trauma.

Series begins December 5, 2022

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The truth is...

telling your story is not a requirement of healing. In fact, retelling your story can actually retraumatize you.


Breaking through the pain of childhood trauma and abuse might feel uncomfortable but God promises FREEDOM, HOPE, RESTORATION, & WORTH as you breakthrough the past and move into a peaceful, playful, purposeful present and future!

COMFORT is complacent - FREEDOM is contentment.


Let's reclaim your peace - body, mind and spirit

Let's infuse your healing with your faith and your unconditionally loving heavenly Father

Let's experience safe connection with others who get it

Let's breakthrough the pain and live joyfully!

Feeling seen and understood through safe connections, shame what it is and how to combat it, acknowledging and shifting limiting beliefs keeping you stuck

Healing anxiety by feeling the unconditional love and peace of God in your body, making God personal and relatable, importance of relating to God before self

week 2

Calming the inner critic, learning and practicing self-compassion, transforming the way you relate to yourself

week 3

week 1

3-Week Mini Series Plan

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If you don't start on your healing journey now you could miss another holiday season stuck in self doubt, feeling like a loser and struggling with anxiety rather than starting to feel hopeful, free and confident as you approach the new year! You'll miss out on safe empathetic connections with others who understand and see your pain who can also help support you on your bridge to breakthroughs that you long for.

Series begins December 5, 2022

Meet Your Coach - Gina Rolkowski

I’m also a survivor of years of sexual childhood abuse. I’ve experienced the negative impacts from this in my life - from drug addiction, suicide attempts and repeated abusive relationship patterns to feeling like I was losing my mind. 


I’ve dealt with psych ward stays and multiple physical issues including dissociative seizures and I’ve conquered all of this. For the past 19 years, I’ve overcome the negative impacts of sexual abuse by using brain based strategies, trauma informed therapy and most profoundly through nurturing my relationship with God (which helped me discover who I truly am). Now I am thriving! I am proud of myself and I can look in the mirror with love and compassion knowing who I truly am. I have a fulfilling, healthy, and fun marriage and a healthy, happy relationships with others - I‘m doing what I love, living my purpose with joy,

and you can too!



Show up on time and complete all homework over the 3 weeks together and if you have not experienced a decrease in your anxiety level and an increase in hope, I will refund your money.

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