5 breakthrough

Meditations for Relief,
Freedom and Hope

Let me show you how to break through the pain and shame of sexual abuse during our virtual five days together so you can experience- not just know- God‘s unconditional love and peace for your body, mind and spirit.

Image by Ben White

Long to learn HOW to let go of suffering and finally be free from fear, anxiety, pain and shame?

Feel like nobody understands and you simply desire connection with someone who really gets it?

Hope and pray for immediate long-term relief from the horrible critical voice constantly second-guessing yourself?


Think you’re the only one out there with this traumatizing history?

Worry that you’re just crazy even though you’ve tried books, therapy, meditation, breathing, etc.?

You are capable and deserving of confidence!

You are capable and deserving of happy-healthy long-term relationships!

You are capable of joy in your work and life!

"This is beautiful! This made me slow down and actually made me feel relaxed and sleepy (that doesn’t happen easily for me). I loved the scripture read in it."

Rachel R.

"Oh my - your voice is peaceful - I love the imagery and vision building with him as we run towards his arms and the words he sings and says over us!"

Tamra A.

"This was a BEAUTIFUL meditation! Her voice was so soothing and helped me to literally just take a selah moment. I felt myself become calmer, more relaxed and more in tune with myself."

Melissa H.

I’ve experienced the negative impacts from this in my life, from drug addiction, suicide attempts and repeated abusive relationship patterns to feeling like I was losing my mind. I’ve dealt with psych ward stays and multiple physical issues including dissociative seizures and I’ve conquered all of this.


For the past 19 years, I’ve overcome the negative impacts of sexual abuse by using brain based strategies, trauma informed therapy and most profoundly through nurturing my relationship with God (which helped me discover who I truly am).


Now I am thriving! I am proud of myself and I can look in the mirror with love and compassion knowing who I truly am. I have a fulfilling, healthy, and fun marriage, healthy happy relationships with others and I‘m doing what I love, living my purpose with joy.


  • Experience immediate relief from anxiety, pain and fear without trying

  • Calm your body, mind and spirit

  • Decrease shame 

  • Increase self confidence

  • Feel free, loved, safe and hopeful 


Since I can’t fly around the world to be with everyone, I created an intimate way for us to still enjoy a cozy, safe, beautiful space together. For me, it’d be with my toes in the sand looking out at the ocean.


So are you ready to have joy in your work and life?


In this Bridge to Breakthroughs five day meditation series we will finally leave behind the mindsets, shames, worries, and limiting beliefs of what plagues you and start the journey of healing deeply, fully, and wholly.


Download it now and start experiencing immediate relief and connection with God and me because we get it!

Image by Ben White